Costs and expenses for forming a nonprofit organization vary a great deal, depending on your state and whom you select to help you through the process. Some web sites charge only a few hundred dollars, but they only send you the forms and instructions, rather than prepare the documents themselves. Attorneys often charge thousands of dollars and complicate the process unnecessarily.


Each state charges a fee for a nonprofit to incorporate. The fee ranges from $25 to $200, depending on which state.


The IRS application fee is now $400 for most small nonprofits. For certain types of nonprofits, the fee is $850.


My fees vary depending on what state you are in and what services you need. Please contact me for a individual quote. Email me what state you are in and a brief description of your mission and I will quote you a fee: jim@start-nonprofit.com


I offer a free thirty minute phone consultation about your ideas. If you decide to hire me, I require a small payment at the beginning of the process. I accept Personal Check or Money Order.