The Start-Up Package includes everything you need to start your nonprofit organization.





If you haven’t already chosen a name, I work with you on choosing an effective one. I check on the availability in your state of any name you chose, and I also advise you of other organizations in the United States with the same or similar name. That way, you can know if any other organizations are going to be competing with you on the Internet.

I help you write an effective mission statement that tells the public (and the IRS) what your mission is and how you intend to accomplish it. A good mission statement says a great deal about an organization, and I work closely with you on writing the best one possible.

I write your Articles of Incorporation and incorporate you as a nonprofit in your state. Incorporation is one of the trickiest steps in forming a nonprofit. It is fairly easy to do on the state level, but if the Articles do not contain certain language about the purposes of the organization and about dissolution of the organization, the IRS will reject the Articles and make you amend them and submit them again to the state.

To be a nonprofit, you have to have an EIN whether you intend to have paid employees or not. I obtain your Employer Identification Number for you. I do this on-line with the IRS, which will assign you a number that same day. I then send it to you right away. You will use that number in all correspondence with the state and with the IRS.

I write your Bylaws for you by asking you a number of questions about how you want the organization to operate. If you are unsure about some of the answers, we discuss the pros and cons. I also research the current nonprofit laws in your state to ensure that your Bylaws conform to those laws. Then I send you the drafted Bylaws for review and revision, until the final document is created. Good Bylaws provide the organization with a solid foundation that will serve you for many years.

I write your Conflict of Interest policies for you. Although the IRS does not require these policies, it strongly urges you to have them. My template is adapted from the sample that the IRS recommends and is always approved.

The IRS now allows organizations to apply on line for a fee of $400. I have an account with the IRS and will apply for you. Certain organizations do not qualify for on line application. Email me and I will tell you if you qualify. 

As part of the start up package, I provide one year of free phone consultations about the governance and management of nonprofit organizations.