“I would recommend Jim for any position that he says he can do. He is a unique individual with true dedication; a man who will walk that extra mile.”
– Rupert Trujillo, Dean, University of New  Mexico

“I have known Mr. Levy for 25 years. I find him to be of high moral character, and his priorities are always equally as high. I wholeheartedly recommend him to any organization that might benefit from his services. We would not hesitate to hire Mr. Levy again if Child-Rite Inc. ever needed his help at any time.”
Larry Schreiber, MD, President, Child-Rite, Inc

“Jim Levy is organized and insightful, backed by years of  hands-on experience. He was a key component of the founding of the Taos Jewish Center, of which I was a board member. Besides being professional and “the smartest person in the room” insofar as his knowledge of how non-profits work, he readily catches on to the heart and spirit of the endeavor. I believe he also has a gift for raising points that perhaps no one else will think of. In short, he is an enthusiastic leader, tempered by being very practical. All this and sense of humor as well.”
Karl Halpert, Taos Jewish Center

Jim is both highly skilled and genuinely passionate about his work. He brings a level of commitment and integrity that is hard to find.”
Janet Burstein, Executive Director, Community Wellness Center.

“Jim’s knowledge of nonprofit law and his understanding of how nonprofit organizations work have been invaluable to our young organization. He worked in close cooperation with the Board and staff. Because he made every effort to understand our unique organization, his products were tailored to both our immediate and long-term needs. I believe that any nonprofit will benefit from his involvement.”
 Bruce Grossman, President, Taos Jewish Center.

“It has been a joy to work with Jim. The Board of Centro Cultural and I have nothing but praise for Jim’s energetic and resourceful approach and recommend him to any organization that has need of prompt, competent and thorough work in the nonprofit field.”
Linda Velarde, President, Centro Cultural de la Raza.

“Our Board is composed of pastors and ministers from five churches, each with its own perspective. Jim listened carefully to our discussions and requirements, and then he created a structure and documents that met our unique needs.”
Cyndi Howell, President, Compassionate Christian Outreach Ministries

“If you are looking for someone to help your organization move forward, you will not do better than to discuss your needs with Jim. ”
Justin Lea, Esq. President, Taos Sports Alliance

Full letters of recommendation and resume are available upon request.